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Great central London location -


                    21 Bryanston street,  only 1 minute from Marble Arch tube station. Convenient for morning, lunchtime or evening workouts on the way to or from work.


In the heart of London’s West End, The Gym Way have developed a comprehensive service that completes the loop from initial consultation through to individual therapy and exercise prescription tailored to enable our patients and clients to achieve their goals. Whether you’re fighting back from injury, a triathlete looking to improve your endurance, or just looking to improve your performance in the gym - we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goal.


Jamie Sawyer Specialist Training, offers a wide range of services within the fitness industry ranging from one on one training, Pilates, strength and conditioning, athletic preparation, performance preparation, rehabilitation and boxing.  


Your fitness goals, whatever they may be, can be met through a vast aray of resources we have to offer.

Be it at your home, in the park, on the track, in the boxing ring or in the gym, Jamie Sawyer Specialist Training has the tools to provide a fully bespoke service no matter what the goal may be.

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